Exposition ‘Matter of Concern’

Art and Music at SIS JOSIP GALLERY
Starting April 6, 2015 until May 7, 2015 the exhibition “Matter of Concern” can be visited at the SIS JOSIP GALLERY.
Here SIS JOSIP will show the art of modern-minimalistic artists who never have combined work before.
De kunstwerken worden omlijst door muziek van Flex Concerten.

Jef Stapel creates his pieces out of plywood mixed with other available materials; Paméla Maria creates her art pieces out of textiles and paper.
One person designs structured and patterend while the other depends on the available materials.

The fascinating exhibition “Matter of Concern” shows that two extremes reinforce each other.
At Monday, April 6, 2015 the exhibition will be opened from 1:00pm – 17:00pm. SIS JOSIP will interview both artits around 3:00pm.

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