Take me to the candy store

This work is a reliëf with acrylic painted paper in many shades of pink and yarn that portray the (city) landscape of Holland. The subtle use of colours and detailed texture play a refined game with the light and determine the character of the work.

I zoom in on patterns, structures, light. How it forms an endless wealth of color shades.
In this way of painting, folding en wrapping yarn in many shades of pink/oker/yellow I visualise my interpretation of details from nature, as seen through my eyes: modest but with a huge amount of intriguing details. The work can be characterised as expressions of silent abstraction. I want to point the eye of the beholder to the beauty in the daily world around us.

Size: 70x70 cm

Material: painted paper, yarn

Framed: white wooden frame

Year: 2019


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