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Glögg is a ‘goodbye’ to the designmanagement business in which I worked for several years.

With the magazine at the background as an endless wallpaper dessin. The so called ‘Venus-shell’ as an aggressive predator (design goeroes), and the Swedish cups and word ‘Glögg’  which are being uses at Christmas evening to wish each other a ‘forget the past and let’s celebrate the new’.

“Glögg” is a key work: from that point the works developed from surrealistic to abstraction with the reliëfs. “Countdown” (2006) and “U zoekt iets” (2005) are typical works for the transition period to more abstract work and the abstract ‘wired’ works.

Size: 118x89x14 cm

Medium: Mixed media

€ 8000,-

AVAILABLE via: PamélaMaria